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How does coaching / psychotherapy work for individuals, couples or families?

Introductory coaching meeting

The coaching period begins with an introductory meeting. An introductory meeting is different from follow-up conversations; it is carried out according to a pre-prepared program and lasts an hour and a half. In the introductory meeting, the client and the coach determine the main areas of work. Research has shown that the effects of coaching become apparent within 5 to 6 months, during which the coach and client have 1 conversation every 3 weeks in person, and if necessary, by phone/zoom. In every coaching conversation, the client and the coach first agree on the topic of the conversation. Furthermore, during the interview, the coach asks such questions that the client begins to think about new paths and possibilities for achieving the goal, which he would not otherwise have thought of. The added value of personal meetings is better observation of reactions, observation of non-verbal communication and responding to it… At the first meeting, an agreement can also be signed, where mutual cooperation is more detailed described with all the details about goals, trust, length of cooperation, values, way of working, etc.

The psychotherapy period begins with an introductory meeting. The introductory meeting is different from the follow-up talks. In the first interview (90 min), we will spend some time talking about the decision and the reasons that brought you to us, and about your current and past circumstances that are relevant to your concerns and questions about yourself. At the first meeting, an agreement can also be signed, which describes in more detail how we will work together, with all the details about goals, trust, length of time, values, working methods, etc. The couple, individual or family first comes for an initial therapeutic meeting or counseling. At this meeting, we agree on further therapeutic treatment, the goals you want to work on, and an indicative number of follow-up meetings. The suggested number of meetings may vary depending on the complexity of the problems, financial possibilities, progress of the therapy, etc.

The first session of psychotherapy

2nd to 6th coaching session

Coaching can take place all the time live, over the phone or via Skype/Zoom. The content is always determined by the coachee. The focus is always on the client, who openly answers the questions and thus searches within himself for the answers to the questions asked. To put it more practically: the coachee and the coach sit together at the wheel of the train, which is controlled by the coachee, and the coach encourages and steers him, or better yet directs him with questions. In the meantime, coach and coachee use the agreed method of weekly feedback (reports, follow-up), which usually takes place by e-mail.

If, after the first interview, you join a longer therapeutic treatment, in the initial phase you will come to therapy once a week for one hour (in principle, a permanent appointment). Over time, we can adapt the frequency of meetings to your needs and goals (once every two weeks, once a month or as needed). Usually, the therapeutic treatment lasts from three months to a year, if necessary, it can be less or more.

People who want real and lasting changes in their lives decide to join a longer therapeutic treatment.

Psychotherapy - follow-up sessions

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