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About us

Through various methods – – workshops, meetings, consultations, trainings, coaching&therapy ( adapt, gestalt, TA, NLPexpressive art, equine assisted coaching/therapy, canine assisted coaching/therapy and others) we first discover the patterns that keep people in unwanted charts. Then we help them overcome problems, most often resurfacing in repeated situations, and challenges; so we all can develop our talents to live our lives to the fullness of our own potential in our own way. We designed programes for individuals, groups, teams as well as companies. We use and combine the skills of coaching, psychotherapy and mediation , and implement them for greater efficiency and faster resolution of problems and challenges.

We also pass on our knowledge, experience and talent development to younger generations as lecturers at Gea College Business School, Doba Faculty and in various mentoring schemes.


We are committed to quality, efficiency and effectiveness, which we achieve with real energy and commitment.


ISO 26,000, AoEC, NLP Practitioner with Neurolinguistics, Equine Assisted Coaching, Train the Trainer, Mediator Exam, Horus certificate for sustainability and social responsibility …

Personal growth at your own pace

Improve your life, find your passion, the right path and effective tools

Coaching to success

Why choose us?

We were entrusted with:

  • More than 10,000 already empowered individuals
  • More than 300 different organizations
A leader in our industry

  • 3x recipients of the Best lecturer of the year award
  • Award for contribution to the educational profession
  • 2x Nomination for the award The best educational agency/organization
  • The only certified equine and canine assisted coaches in Slovenia

Make your own progress "live" or "on line"

Choose your own pace and way of working: live with us, alone at your own pace online or a combination of both.

Professional certification

All our work is based on officially certified international programs. Every year, we as facilitators, mentors, coaches, psychoterapists further strengthen our knowledge – to make your wishes and passions come true.


What others think of us

"The Academy of Personal Development is suitable for everyone who wants to make a change for the better in all areas of their life. The workshop facilitator listens to each individual, gives objective advice and wants everyone to find what makes them happier..."
Jasmina Zidovnik, univ. dipl. med. kom.
"I sincerely thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to participate in the final presentation of the participants of the Insights Academy of Personal Development, a project that was intended for unemployed people living in the Municipality of Ruše. The entire project made a great impression on me."
Irena Dobnik, president of the association for the promotion of networking
Sara demonstrated the ability to listen to and isolate the complaints that a camper or staff person had and help to provide a solution. Sara has an aptitude for a high level of leadership and that combined with her ability to relate to and understand our campers and staff was a plus. Sara has an aptitude for a high level of leadership and that combined with her ability to relate to and understand our campers and staff was a plus.
Constance H. Scholfield Executive Director/Camp Director
Natalie gave me extra drive and motivation. I liked that she is such a positive person who believes in a person. She saw a hidden potential in each of us, which she tried to "bring to light". I liked that she is such a positive person who believes in a person. She saw a hidden potential in each of us, which she tried to "bring to light"
Alenka Golob
"The most intensive cooperation with Natalie took place during the two-year European project Include All. With her knowledge and work, Natalie contributed enormously to the achievements and surpluses of the project. She has exceptional organizational skills and is efficient. Natalie is a person of diverse talents and exceptional discipline, which is reflected in her systematic approach, focus on achieving results, completing projects within the given deadlines and persistence until the goal is achieved. As a team member or lecturer, she is an inspiring and energetic person. Working with her is always professional and rewarding."
Sonja Šmuc, Former Executive Director, Manager Association
We are particularly proud of our cooperation in celebrating the 60th anniversary of our institution, where the company Insights was an important building block of communication with the public. We especially appreciate their sense of writing and designing press releases, which is in line with our company's values: respectful cooperation, promotion of individual potential and strengthening of belonging. In our opinion, cooperation with the Insights d.o.o. team opens doors and shows what we can try and that there is always a solution.
M.Sc. Brigita Kruder, director of LU Slovenska Bistrica
I really look forward to every day and nothing stops me on the way to my goal, I'm full of energy... Thank you for the positive energy and all the encouragement, I'm very happy to meet you, hug
Vesna K.
I gained a lot of motivation. I have to say that I have expanded my knowledge. It is a positive experience and will benefit me throughout my life.
Karidija Protman
I took away a lot in terms of personal growth, which, as you already know, is really high up on my priority list. I really liked your questions at the workshop, which you asked in such a way...
Gašper Tišler
Mag. M.Sc. Natalie Cvikl Postružnik is an example of a person who always offers you personal and professional support, and at the same time is sensitively aware of the needs of each individual, which inspires many, because few people have as much energy, knowledge and curiosity as her. She does her work with passion, but without being blinded, she is distinguished by her professionalism, but at the same time just the right amount of critical and life-like distance, determination and realistic optimism.
M.Sc. Aleksander Salkič, Former Head of the Cabinet of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana, now Pošta Slovenije


Write to [email protected] or call us at 040-808-999 (Natalie),
030-377-474 (Gorazd), 070-181-686 (Danaja)

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