Coaching and psychotherapy in the family

How do we help you reach your goals and overcome your obstacles?

Where is my place in the family? How to overcome different challenges in different stages of life?

How to connect with a teenager?

How to "clean up" the history and lay a solid foundation for the new family that is born?

How to break free from the shackles of the primary family?

How to lovingly accept our "mistakes" and the "mistakes" of loved ones?

How to get through the divorce phase?

How to cope with life after the death of a partner?

1000 situations, 1000 solutions...
- with coaching
- with mediation
- with psychotherapy

Work techniques

Worker, role-play, “Bodenarbeit”, (optional) dog work, facilitator roles, various facilitation techniques, assertive communication techniques, coaching techniques (GROW, Gestalt, transactional analysis, NLP, energy coaching, etc.), Jungian psychotherapy, psychotherapy, mediation, etc. More about the work and the course.

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