Stress management


Managing stress at work

  • Understanding stress and stressful situations
  • Sources and symptoms of stress
  • Coping mechanisms and tools
  • The importance of emotional intelligence
  • How to release stress and grow personally and professionally
  • Relaxation techniques and the importance of relaxation

Health promotion, medical absenteeism

  • What can we do ourselves for our well-being and health
  • The effects of environmental factors on the psychophysical well-being of the individual (at home and at work
  • environment)
  • Stress: When and how do I recognize it?
    • Environmental influences (home and work)
    • Responding to stressful situations
    • How to manage stress in a simple way in various life situations

The employee's contribution to higher safety and better health at work

  • What is this safe and healthy working environment, what can we contribute to it ourselves
  • What is the role of managers, professional services in the field of security, personnel department
  • What can I do for my health?
  • The importance of a balanced lifestyle
  • How to change a less suitable lifestyle and enter the world of movement

The impact of workplace stress, absenteeism, turnover and burnout on organizational performance

  • The influence of work environment factors on productivity
  • The roles of managers, employees and professional services in improving the working environment
  • Ways of identifying negative aspects of the work environment
  • Examples of tools and methods for managing negative aspects of the work environment
  • Practices and successful examples of working environment management

Compassionate, empathetic exhaustion - the working reality of today's teams?

  • How to Recognize Compassion Exhaustion
  • Symptoms at the individual level and at the organizational level.
  • Risk factors: personal, organizational, professional.
  • Prevention
  • Strategies and interventions against empathic exhaustion.
  • Four forms of “self-care”: personal, social, self-compassion, mindfulness
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